CPO Outlook: Finding Opportunity for God's Grace

CPO Outlook Article from March/April 2008 Issue of Big Sports


Brianna Mingus
Brianna Mingus
I have learned this season that perfect circumstances do not come to teams nor to the body of believers. Our Evangel team alone has suffered multiple losses of family members and close friends. There has been constant sickness and injuries. We have also lost numerous heart-wrenching games right at the end of the buzzer.

But each rough time has been an opportunity for God’s grace to be enough, His care to be sufficient, and His love to be never failing! There will always be some degree of darkness in your life, but you can choose where you focus your spotlight. This New Year, I started focusing less on my problems and more on God.

In Matthew 19:26, Jesus says, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” It is possible to experience unlimited joy even when externally things do not seem to be going your way. Joy is not a distant destination at which you arrive; rather, it’s a path you choose to travel each day. And I am learning to appreciate and enjoy every step of the way!

Brianna Mingus is a sophomore on Evangel University’s Lady Crusaders basketball team.