CPO Outlook: Megan Jewell

Article from September/October 2008 Issue of Big Sports


Megan Jewell
Megan Jewell
It’s true when they say God works in mysterious ways.  Starting my senior year of high school, I was beginning to get nervous and worried as to where I would go play college basketball. I really hadn’t really prayed very much on where God wanted me to go to school.  Instead, I was focusing on my options and where I wanted to go.
One day a friend randomly invited me to an open gym at Evangel University.  I had never given Evangel much thought and I don’t really know why.  Never being one to turn down any opportunity to play, I went with her and we scrimmaged. To make a long story short, I ended up making a verbal commitment to Evangel three weeks later. What was crazy is how sudden and unexpected this all happened. I knew it was a God thing. Then, five other girls I knew very well, including one of my best friends and former roommate, ended up signing to go to Evangel too. It all seemed to work out perfectly.
I enjoyed my time at Evangel, but realized at the end of the year I needed to move on to something else. It was hard leaving my comfortable environment where I knew everyone and was on such a good team, but I knew it’s what God wanted me to do. So, now after having faced one of the toughest decisions of my life, I’m headed to College of the Ozarks. I’m really excited to get started in a new place and be on such a high quality team with a winning tradition. I know the expectations will be set high, and I hope to help my new teammates exceed those expectations in any way they need me to.

Megan Jewell, a Willard graduate, will be a sophomore this fall at the College of the Ozarks