CPO Outlook: Elizabeth Diaz

Article from March/April 2009 Issue of Big Sports

Elizabeth DiazI was born into a Christian family.  When I was eight years old, the American church next door invited the Hmong church, my church, to service because they had a special guest speaker. As I got older, I grew closer to God through His Word and learned to have more faith in Him through hard times.  At age eighteen, I knew without a doubt that God had called me to teach young children and to do missions overseas.  I knew God had bigger plans for me beyond my plans of attending University of Memphis.

I prayed and sought after God’s guidance. In His perfect timing, I was accepted to Central Bible College and enrolled my sophomore year.

I also had a love and passion for volleyball. I had played volleyball throughout my middle and junior high school years.  I knew CBC had a women’s volleyball team. I went to tryouts and I made the team.  However, I felt God was directing me into a different direction to focus on for the time being. Later on I decided to try out again my senior year.  I made the team again, and this time I decided to join the Lady Spartans for their 2008 fall season. Throughout the volleyball season, I regained good qualities I believe I lacked over the past few years.  I learned once again to be the bold, strong, and courageous girl I once was. I learned to endure physically and mentally. Some of the characteristics I developed on the court have helped me in my walk with Christ, and particularly ministering to kids.  I thank God so much for this eye-opener and opportunity to serve Him better. I made many new good friends.  And I also witnessed a faithful woman of God, Coach Lynn Hanson.