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The "Geriatric Golfing Glossay"

Article from July/August 2008 Issue of Big Sports

Aunt MarthaIf you’re a golfer or just play golf or have just thought of playing golf or maybe know someone who has played golf … or maybe just know where there is a golf course… then this is for you. Here it is again the 4th of July and we always get excited around the Home. Some around here get excited because it means they start decorating for Christmas. For the sane ones at the Home, it means the Nationwide PGA Golf Tournament is on its way. We are ready.


How To Beat The Bunkers Out Of Fund Raising!

by Ron Barefield, Barefield & Associates

So, you’ve decided to have a golf tournament to raise funds for your favorite cause or charity? Great idea!  Special events are one of the most cost-effective ways of raising funds for non-profit organizations. One group recently reported that it was the most cost-effective way. And a golf tournament fits in the special events category.  Anticipating a few bunkers can prevent your fundraising efforts from going bonkers.